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There are endless ways to ‘do’ joint ventures, all you need to do is tap into your imagination and come up with ideas.  A typical approach has been what is often referred to as the ad swap – where your JV partners’ emails list with your information and you email your list with theirs.  This method has become less effective, and it’s better to find something a little more creative to attract interest.

Here is a very short list of possible ideas that may help to stimulate more from your own creative mind…

Set up an interview exchange – rather than a straight ad swamp host each other on interviews and then promote those to your respective list…and of course lead this into an offer and a sales page.

Ask you JV partner to provide a bonus that you can offer to your list as gift – this could be an ‘extra’ that you use for those special JV partners to add on to the value that you bring to the deal.

Promote using social media – include plans to work with your JV partner to do promotions to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups and more.

Ask you JV partner what can work for them – it is not always about reciprocal mailings, in fact, the less you look at the ‘reciprocal’ trap the better – so you can really explore some fun solutions.  You may find that once you get those creative juices flowing there is no end to the ideas that evolve.

And one last item, don’t lose sight of the fact that if there is an affiliate situation in place, you and/or your partner are being compensated for their support of this promotion, so it may simply be a matter of each of you generating some new revenue.


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